Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pop Jew's Lonely Christmas Eve Party

Pop Jew's Lonely Christmas Eve Party is DOPE.

It is easy to do an indie New Year's in NYC, or an indie Hanukkah — loads of options if you know where to look. But an indie Christmas Eve? Luckily Rachel, aka Pop Jew, hostess/curator of some of the dopest indie music parties, is on it w/ a LIST-certified dope yuletide event:

Punk rock X-mas anthems, courtesy of DJs Eric Lastname and Rock 'n Roll James. Traditional stuff like mistletoe for smooching. And this is at the LIST-certified venue Bruar Falls, which serves like five varieties of hot toddy, incl. the classic whisk(e)y-based and newfangled varieties. Oh and the show is FREE. Sweet. Thanks, Pop Jew!