Wednesday, September 1, 2010

fee's LIST (through 9/7)

* Hector Canoge "Golden Cage" @ Y Gallery / 355A Bowery, 5-8p. The NYC-based artist performs in this life-size chamber, made from fluorescent wires, in the tiny basement gallery, reading personal anecdotes and Persian poetry. Performances THRU 9/7

* "77 Boa Drum" (dir. Jun Kawaguchi, 2007) screening @ IndieScreen / 285 Kent Ave, Williamsburg (L to Bedford), 8p/$11. No proper documentary (let alone Youtube clip) will compare to the thunderous meeting of percussive worlds that hit down in Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park on July 7, 2007, when Japanese psych-drummer legends Boredoms led a total of 77 drummers in a singular sonic event. That said, if you missed it, and many, many were turned away at the gates and did miss it, Kawaguchi's film (he's spent over a decade w/ the band; he knows what's up) is the closest you'll ever get.

* Heavy Cream @ Union Pool / 484 Union Ave, Williamsburg (L/G to Lorimer St), 9p/$7. The Nashville cuties return w/ their intoxicating girl-punk cocktail and a debut album "Danny" (it's dope: I've got a copy), + they're settling down in NY for like a week. Don't trip over their four LIST appearances: they are actually playing that many shows, and it's totally worth it to see 'em all. w/ Sweet Bulbs

* "Vampyr" (dir. Carl Theodor Dreyer, 1932) screening at BAM / 30 Lafayette Ave, Ft Greene (23/45 to Nevins, C to Lafayette), 6:50/9:15p. A disorienting, fuzzy-edged, nearly silent nightmare, less "Dracula" than blood-thirsty undead inhabiting a village, and feat. an unsettling dream sequence that sinks in deep, fang-like you know?

* Heavy Cream @ Cake Shop / 152 Ludlow St (FM/JZ to Delancey), 8p/$8. Night two of Heavy Cream's sweet sweet takeover of NY's indie scene. I've seen the girls (and dude) at Cake Shop before, and they rocked it, and they'll rock it again tonight, no doubt. w/ Unnatural Helpers

* The Beets + Brian @ Union Hall / 702 Union St, Park Slope (MR to Union St), 7:30p/$8. The Beets — Jackson Heights' original garage-rock trio — and I go wayyy back, or at least I think I've seen 'em live over 25 times. Show up early for Brian, and all-girl psych band from Brooklyn I am pleased to share a name.

* Bernhard Fuchs "Autos" @ Jack Hanley Gallery / 136 Watts St. A photo show based around lone automobiles in car-parks and roadways may sound compelling or banal, but I'm going for the former, as it 1) makes the viewer wonder about the car's owner, their history, their story and 2) in my solitary walks in suburbia back when, I used to scope out lone cars, too.

* "Machete" (dir. Robert Rodriguez, 2010) screenings in wide release. The baddest ass film this year in wide release (meaning not counting "The Ancient Dogoo Girl" from the NYAFF, which was, admittedly, beyond). Where to begin: the gestation on this cinematic bijou (for most of us, it was the "fake" trailer in the Rodriguez/Quentin Tarentino "Grindhouse" epic, but for the director it began back w/ "Desperado" — I can only hope Eli Roth goes through w/ creating a full "Thanksgiving", but that's another story), the announcement in 2007 that Rodriguez would make a feature film out of it, that 2nd trailer (Machete's "Cinco de Mayo message to Arizona"), then the full, blood-soaked red-band trailer debuted. Danny Trejo as the eponymous, blade-weilding double-crossed hero, Cheech Marin as his gun-toting priest, Michelle Rodriguez and Jessica Alba (HELLO, twice), Steven Seagal's first big role since '02, the twin Avellan sisters (as nurses), some guy named Don Johnson... You know you have to see it.

* "Pulp Fiction" (dir. Quentin Tarentino, 1994) midnight screening @ IFC Center / 323 Sixth Ave (ACE/BDFM to W 4th St). Game plan: see Robert Rodriguez's "Machete" in the evening and then dash over to IFC for Tarentino's classic "Pulp Fiction". Every scene is burned into my memory (and yours, if you've seen the film), like Uma Thurman (that black wig) and John Travolta dancing the twist, Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson comparing Europe's McDonald's w/ the U.S., Harvey Keitel as the "cleaner", Ving Rhames v. the gimp, Christopher Walken's single, hypnotic scene... ALSO SAT-SUN

* "2001: A Space Odyssey" (dir. Stanley Kubrick, 1968) midnight screening @ Sunshine Cinema / 143 E Houston St (F to 2nd Ave). Pure, desperate beauty, undermined by Kubrick's sinister edge. From the iconic "Dawn of Man" (the apes discovering a monolith and then attacking one another, to Ligeti's "Requiem"), to the balletic satellite spin against Strauss' "The Blue Danube", to wicked, wicked HAL 9000, to the ebullient, overwhelming conclusion — at once psychotropic and lucid. A masterpiece, no additional lysergamides necessary.

* "Planet of the Vampires" (dir. Mario Bava, 1965) screening at BAM / 30 Lafayette Ave, Ft Greene (23/45 to Nevins, C to Lafayette), 2/6:50p. Incredible, when you think about it, that Bava's countrymen Federico Fellini and Michelangelo Antonioni were deep in Italian Modernist cinema whilst he was creating such wincers like "Hercules in the Haunted World" and this beauty, which does indeed involve space travel and the subsequent alien vampires, plus the humans wear leather jumpsuit "spacesuits".

* Satursdays @ Rock Yard w/ Bun B / 354 Wythe Ave, Williamsburg (L to Bedford, JM to Marcy), 2p/FREE. I'd be daft if I didn't give props to a hometown legend (i.e. Houston, H-Town, 3rd Coast), Bun B, of the legendary duo UGK (non hip-hop heads will know them best for collaborating on "Big Pimpin'" w/ Jay-Z and "Sippin' on Some Syrup" w/ Three 6 Mafia), headlines a free concert in S. Williamsburg. Everything is right about this, except that his former bandmate Pimp C passed away in '07 (I was always more a Pimp C fan). He's joined by local MC Curren$y and Baltimore's femcee princess Mz Streamz. Just think, check this, then head to Monster Island (nearby) afterward and you'll have like a full day and night of free music.

* Monster Island Block Party @ Monster Island / 210 Kent Ave, Williamsburg (L to Bedford, JM to Marcy), 3p/. A massive day-to-night blowout, S. Williamsburg-style, meaning it'll be very indie, fairly noisy, and quite dope. feat. a slew of LIST-certified bands incl. Aa (Boredoms on acid), Knyfe Hyts (fab no-wave), McDonalds (shredders), Prince Rama (melodic psychedelia) and about a dozen more. Plus BBQ, art installations by Secret Project Robot and Live with Animals and all that.

* Mudhoney @ Bowery Ballroom / 6 Delancey St (FM/JZ to Delancey/Essex), 8p/$25. Whoa. OK I'll admit I fell HARD for Nirvana (circa Nevermind) and sort of Pearl Jam (circa Ten), but wow: "Suck You Dry" (and all of Mudhoney's seminal grunge Piece of Cake) floored me. Had I only paid more attention… But they're here, w/ The Jesus Lizard-ish Pissed Jeans, and it's going to be good and dirty.

* Detroit in Effect + Teengirl Fantasy @ Coco 66 / 66 Greenpoint Ave (G to Greenpoint Ave), 9p/$5. You want proper techno? You need Detroit techno, and no it's not "old", it's "classic". I'm talking acid basslines and dirty-ass 909s, vocoders and crunchy polyrhythms. Go straight to the source, i.e. Detroit in Effect, in their 1st live NY performance. Local-ish duo Teengirl Fantasy play the proper taped-together techno to match the legendary sound. w/ DJ Maaco (from Detroit in Effect)

* A.L. Steiner recommends Ann Liv Young @ MoMA PS1 / 22-25 Jackson Ave (E/V to 23rd St/Ely Ave, 7 to Courthouse Sq), part of "Greater New York", 2p. Good news: performance artist Young, whose fittingly aggressive contribution to February's "Brooklyn is Burning" session at PS1 resulted in a confrontation w/ performer Georgia Sagri and an abrupt truncation. But she's back, invited by Steiner, for a performance-lecture to talk about that day. And maybe Sagri will even attend.

* Cloud Nothings @ Glasslands / 289 Kent Ave, Willamsburg (L to Bedford, JM to Marcy), 8p/$8. Cleveland's Cloud Nothings (aka Dylan Baldi and crew) have a fantastically vague, soft-edged band name that totally belies their bludgeoning fury onstage. w/ Psychobuildings

* Metropolitan Museum of Art is OPEN / 1000 5th Ave (456 to 86th St). Eschew the beach and Hamptons and get your culture fix this Labor Day. Check the Starn Bros "Big Bambu" on the rooftop and have a beer (like I would); check "Tutankhamun's Funeral" (way doper than the mob scene in Times Square); the gorgeous Correggio to Tiepolo drawings from the Tobey Collection; the ingeniously titled "Hipsers, Hustlers, and Handball Players" exhibition of Leon Levinstein's NY photography; the Ramayana watercolors and loads else.

* Sleep @ Brooklyn Masonic Temple / 317 Clermont Ave, Ft Greene (C to Lafayette Ave, G to Clinton-Washington), 8p/$25. The San Jose CA band who vitalized stoner rock, whose final album was one 65 min track called "Dopesmoker". Who maul slowly and lovingly w/ their sliding guitar lines and pummeling rhythm section. Heavy is just the beginning, brother. w/ Doomriders + Unearthly Trance

* Heavy Cream + Dinowalrus @ The Rock Shop / 249 4th Ave, Park Slope (M/R to Union St), 4:30p/$10. The all-ages Labor Day BBQ at this newish Park Slope venue. Nashville darlings Heavy Cream (their 3rd of 4 NY appearances) + BBQ, in Brooklyn? Sounds rippin', right? Hopefully I can make this AND jet to Sleep afterward.

* Wooden Shjips @ Music Hall of Williamsburg / 66 N 6th St, Williamsburg (L to Bedford), 8p/$3! (b/c it's Music Hall's 3-year anniversary). This is going to be a BASH: suffocatingly psychedelic San Fran dudes Wooden Shjips + $3 booze, celebrating one of my favorite Brooklyn venue's 3rd anniv (I have fond memories of it as Northsix, though I'm quite "at home" at Music Hall). I'm sad to miss it, as I'll be at Sleep, but still this one's a winner all the way.

* Big Boi @ Brooklyn Bowl / 61 Wythe Ave, Williamsburg (L to Bedford), 6p/SOLD OUT. So most hipsters may know OutKast best for the eccentric Andre 3000 and "Hey Yah!" but Big Boi, the funkadelic other half, just dropped this summer's jam, aka "Sir Lucious Left Foot...", and I don't just mean the Pitchfork-approved bouncer "Shutterbug": check "Tangerine", check "Hustle Blood", check the Janelle Monae burner "Be Still". Rejoice. Maybe you'll get lucky and nab tix at the door (baller prices at $40).

ALSO: The 2010 New Yorker Festival schedule is announced today. The festival itself occurs OCT 1-3 and will include my lovelies Zadie Smith and Dave Eggers, "The Vampire Revival" panel starring Stephen King, a screening of "The Social Network" w/ stars Jesse Eisenberg & Justin Timberlake in the hizzouse, plus Werner Herzog, Neil Gaiman, Joyce Carol Oates, Jonathan Safran Foer, and loads else. Tix for this go on sale SEPT 10 at noon, and will go fast.

* Anj Smith "Geometry of Bliss" @ Hauser & Wirth / 32 E 69th St. Haunting little gems from the British artist, chilling figures out of a ghost stories collection, swathed in chic outfits and alone against some stark, dystopian landscape. Her first solo show in NY since 2007.

* Boris + sunn o))) perform "Altar" @ Brooklyn Masonic Temple / 317 Clermont Ave, Ft Greene (C to Lafayette Ave, G to Clinton-Washington), 8p/$30. The definition of EPIC: the auspicious pairing of Japanese stoner-rockers Boris w/ robe-clad drone unit sunn o))), playing live together at last. Jesse Sykes (w/ The Sweet Hereafter) is in the house for her vocal to "The Sinking Belle". And I can't wait for the double-blast of "Akuma no Kuma" and "Blood Swamp" (plus the bonus chance they may perform "Her Lips Were Wet With Venom", which gets my seal of approval for one of the dopest song titles, ever).

* Heavy Cream + Liquor Store @ Death By Audio / 49 S 2nd St, Williamsburg (L to Bedford, JM to Marcy), 8p. This is a solid lineup for Heavy Cream's 4th appearance on this week's LIST, and if I wasn't destined for Brooklyn Masonic Temple I'd totally go. The Nashville cuties are joined by equally punkish boys Liquor Store, plus locals Grooms.

* "Summer Shows" @ Gagosian / 980 Madison Ave. OK, anytime you've got a summer show that includes a bunch of Anselm Reyle works, you've got my attention. Esp. when it's a double-bed-sized shiny silver crinkle under acrylic glass, splashed w/ pink, green and black paint. Or even cooler: when you pair Reyle w/ Mike Kelley's glowing silicone-ish "Cities" and and Florian Maier-Aichen's at once serene and slightly screwed-up landscape C-prints. Unbelievable on paper, how a textured-and-troweled Reyle "monochrome" would work off a Maier-Aichen smeared-color river and a Kelley sea-blue icicles screaming up toward the ceiling, but they totally do.

* "Le Tableau", curated by Joe Fyfe @ Cheim & Read / 547 W 25th St. This beauty of a group show focuses on the surface of the canvas (or whatever medium) and the artists' creative lengths in the realm of 2D abstraction. What we receive is a dexterous abstraction show, always a strength of this gallery, incl. Louise Fishman's sumptuous, trowelled "Violets For My Furs" (w/ a crimson bloom in the upper left corner), Merlin James' "CAT", which is just that, an almost stenciled violet cat walking amidst a fuzzy spectrum of festive soap bubbles, the curator's own "After Corot", a deft 'color-block' abstract composed entirely of pink felt, orange-crush cotton, and jute, and a classic Joan Mitchell diptych as an aquatic field. There are nearly two dozen others that I didn't name, and much of it works.